Studio Policy

Contact Information

Phone: (805) 258-3011


Address: San Francisco, CA 94107




Please email me for current rates. I offer lesson durations of 30, 45, 60, and 90 minutes. 

Tuition is based on a yearly cycle that consists of 46 lessons per studio year (September 1-August 30). Tuition for the upcoming month of lessons is due the first week of each month, and a late fee of $10 will be charged for payments received after the 10th of the month. A $30 fee is charged for returned checks. Studio holidays do not affect monthly tuition. If a lesson is missed or cancelled, tuition will not be refunded or credited toward regularly scheduled lessons. Makeup classes are available for eligible students. Tuition rates may be adjusted at the beginning of the year. Cash, checks, PayPal (, and Venmo (@nhstoodley) are accepted. 

Makeups and Cancellations

Two makeup classes are offered per month. Makeup classes are taught remotely via Zoom, and class times will be announced at the beginning of each month. In order to qualify for a makeup class, at least 24 hours’ cancellation notice for the regularly scheduled lesson must be given, although notice at the beginning of the month is preferred. Students who do not cancel the lesson 24 hours beforehand are considered no-shows and are not eligible to attend a makeup class. There is no limit to the number of makeup classes a student may attend, and advance notice of 24 hours is required to participate. 

Students who cannot physically attend an in-person lesson at my residence—due to illness, transportation issues, or travel—may have a remote lesson at the normal lesson time. If I cannot physically attend an in-person lesson, I will offer a remote lesson at the regularly scheduled time. If I cancel a lesson, I will offer a private makeup lesson (in-person or remote) that fits the student’s schedule. 


Student and Parent Responsibilities

Learning an instrument is rewarding but requires commitment. Students are expected to practice consistently throughout the week and should refer to their lesson notebook during practice sessions for weekly assignments, goals, and practice strategies. Students should practice and take remote lessons in a quiet environment with no distractions. This is extremely important for the student’s development as a musician and allows for maximum productivity during lessons. Parents are expected to assist younger students in devising a consistent practice schedule and reinforcing practice goals. 


Students 10 years old and younger must have a parent/guardian present at the lesson. Older students may have lessons without parental involvement, although parents are encouraged to observe lessons occasionally



Participation in studio recitals and MTAC events is encouraged. Please only commit to these dates if you are sure of the student’s availability. Students participating in Certificate of Merit™ must also perform in the CM Preparatory Recital. 


My students’ playing represents my teaching. Please let me know ahead of time if you have an upcoming audition or concert, and I will help you prepare. If you are interested in attending a workshop or summer festival, I will provide you with recommendations.



Lessons are weekly appointments that the teacher reserves specifically for an individual. The student should not schedule any other activities during this time. If I need to cancel or adjust lesson times, I will give you advance notice and will do my best to accommodate your schedule. 


Studio Holidays

Fall: November 20-26, 2023

Winter: December 24, 2023 - January 6, 2024

Spring: March 10-16, 2024

Summer: July 1-31, 2024



Students considering discontinuing lesson should confer with the teacher first to make sure that there are not areas that can be resolved. If the student decides to discontinue lessons, the teacher must be informed one month ahead of time. If not, tuition for the following month will still be due.


Media Release Form

As the student or parent/guardian of the student, I hereby consent to the use of photos/videos taken during the course of the studio year for publicity, promotional and/or educational purposes (publication, presentation, or broadcast via newspaper, internet, social media, or other media sources). I do this with full knowledge and consent and waive all claims for compensation for use or for damages. (Notify me if you would like the student’s name omitted. Otherwise, students will be identified by their first name.)