Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How is lesson tuition calculated?

A: Tuition = (single lesson rate X number of lessons in a year) ÷ total number of lesson months in a year. If a student takes 60-minute lessons, then $75 multiplied by 44 lessons is $3,300. $3,300 divided by 11 months is $300.

Q: Should parents attend lessons?

A: A parent is required to attend and participate in lessons if the student is younger than 10 years old. When the student is older, the parent should consider observing lessons on an as-needed basis, in order to assess the student’s progress and understand areas for improvement. However, some students focus better without a parent present. 

At home, the parent is responsible for helping younger students schedule a consistent practice time and devise daily practice plans. 

Q: How much should students practice?

A: The length of a practice session is unique to the individual’s age and goals. If the student is 4-6 years old, no more than 5-15 minutes a day is necessary. The average beginner should practice 15-30 minutes per day. The average intermediate student should practice 45-60 minutes per day. The average advanced student should practice 60 minutes-2.5 hours per day. However, a beginning adult student may practice anywhere from 30-90 minutes per day. These durations are suggestions. Please speak to the teacher for an individualized practice plan. 



Q: If a lesson is cancelled, will the cost of that lesson be refunded or credited toward regularly scheduled lessons?

A: Lessons are weekly appointments that the teacher reserves specifically for an individual. The student should not schedule any other activities during this time. If a student cancels a lesson, the cost of the lesson will not be credited or refunded. If eligible, the student may attend a makeup class. If the teacher cancels a lesson, the student will be offered a private makeup lesson. 

Q: When is tuition due? 

A: Tuition is due the first week of the month. If tuition is not paid by the 10th of the month, the student will be charged a $10 late fee. 

Makeup Classes

Q: What is a makeup class? 

A: Although a makeup class is a substitute for a cancelled lesson, it is not equivalent to a private one-on-one lesson. If multiple students are in attendance, the makeup class will be led similarly to a performance class, group lesson, seminar, or workshop. Students will have the opportunity to play for one another, focus on a specific technical element, learn about music history or theory principles in detail, and/or collaborate with other students. If a single student attends, the lesson will be taught like a regular private lesson. Advance notice of attendance (24 hours) is required, so that I can adequately prepare a lesson plan that will benefit all participating students. Makeup classes are held on Zoom, unless otherwise specified by the teacher. A link to the class will be emailed beforehand. 

Q: How many makeup classes are students allowed to attend?

A: There is no limit to the number of makeup classes students are allowed to attend, but it is recommended that students replace no more than 5 lessons per year with makeup classes. In order to attend, students must be eligible. 

Q: Can the student attend a makeup class in a different month than that of a cancelled lesson?

A: Yes! A student who is planning on cancelling a lesson may attend a makeup class in an earlier or later month. The student will need to let me know which lesson the makeup class is replacing. 

Q: Can I have a private makeup lesson instead of attending a makeup class?

A: If I cancel a lesson, I will offer a private makeup lesson. (Please note that private makeup lessons cannot be rescheduled.) 

If the student cancels a lesson, the student may attend a makeup class or purchase an extra private lesson (if the teacher’s schedule permits). In order to be eligible for a makeup class, the student must cancel the regularly scheduled lesson at least 24 hours in advance. Those who do not follow this rule qualify as no-shows and are not eligible for a makeup class. 

Q: What if a student is not available to attend either makeup classes offered during the month?

A: The student may choose to attend a makeup class during a different month. Students can also suggest specific date and time frames for a future month. If the teacher and participating students are available during one of these suggested times, a makeup class will be offered then. 



Q: Are recitals mandatory?

A: Although recitals are not mandatory, student participation is encouraged. Performing is like developing any other skill—reinforcement increases confidence. Studio recitals are highly recommended for all students and provide students with the opportunity to work toward a tangible goal and feel accomplished when the goal is met successfully. Dedicated students are encouraged to perform in MTAC events.